About Us


ND Tough… Where did it come from and what does it mean? ND TOUGH was created during a Monday Night NFL football game on October 23rd, 2017 where my favorite player, Carson Wentz, and the Philadelphia Eagles took on the Redskins. One of the biggest Carson supporters in the NFL from the very beginning, has been Jon Gruden, former NFL coach and MNF analyst. During one of the most fun to watch NFL games I have ever seen (not counting that 1st drive, that was brutal) Gruden made the following comment, “Carson Wentz is not just TOUGH, he is NORTH DAKOTA TOUGH!” That comment stuck with me. That night I made a Facebook post referencing that we needed ND TOUGH shirts. By Tuesday I was asking for requests on who could help me make them, by Wednesday I had a  plan!  

I  now offer custom made clothing designed with my logos.  ND TOUGH (NORTH DAKOTA TOUGH) offers Custom imprinting of clothing, caps and hats; screen printing.  The best part is you get to pick the North Dakota Tough logo you like and the item you want it put on.  Thousands of options and combinations available.

What we have done since

This Christmas- the ND Tough family went out and about to spread cheer and smiles to the people in the Fargo Community.  We stopped by the Sanford's Children's hospital, at a local restaurants and paid it forward, left special gifts for people in need and saw a lot of SMILES!

We have donated countless silent auction items/baskets to different causes around the FM area and have teamed up with Central Cass and Kindred High School to give back for items sold with their respective ND Tough logos!

What are we doing next

We are teaming up withe the Kusters family (#dustchdestroyer) to create a limited edition t-shirt to give back in Lukas' name and to help fight childhood cancer!

We want to partner with local charities and groups in our community and make a difference and impact.  We want to work with you, create a special one-of-a-kind shirt for you and donation a portion of the proceeds to YOU!  Interested, email Mallory